Road closure planning tool

This tool helps you to create the layout required to organize a street closure. This layout is part of the application for a road closure permit.

Zoom in and draw the following elements:

  • Auxiliary Police Officer Auxiliary Police Officer. Suggested location of a Auxiliary Police Officer (APO) or Security Officer (SO) that will assist you with the closure.
  • Barricades Barricades. Suggested location of the barricades for the closure.
  • Traffic advisory sign 1 Traffic advisory sign 1. Location for the signs informing about the closure.
  • Traffic advisory sign 2 Traffic advisory sign 2. If you have more than one type of sign you can use this icon.
  • Road closure Road closure. The location of the closure. Finish your polygon with a double click.
  • Closure - 1 side Closure - 1 side. If you plan to close one one side of the road use this tool. Finish your line with a double click.

Note: The Road closure planning tool helps you to create a layout for a road closure. There is no legal binding for the approval of an activity. The final decision is taken by the authorities of Singapore.

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