Concept development

First things first: What where and how.

The following questions will help you to identify what you need for your activity. You do not to fill in everything, just the things that you know.

Basic information

The name of your project

Please write the name of the street that you are planning to close

What are you planning to do? Please describe your idea. Are you thinking about a small, medium or large event? How many people would you like to engage?

Which stakeholders are in the area? How does the intervention benefit them?

Is there a lack of pedestrian or green areas? Is there potential for long term transformation?


Weekday of the event

Short term car-free zones can occur once or on a few occasions over a short period (max. 2 weeks).
Regular car-free zones occur over an extended period with fixed dates and time.
If you are considering a regular car-free zone we suggest committingto trialling the project for a 3 month period first.

Time of the event

Time of the event

Other information

You do not need to know all this information. However it can help you to identify possible issues in an early stage.

If you do not know, you can have a look at our support map.
Rerouting a bus is expensive and time consuming

Attention: Rerouting a bus route can be quite expensive and time intensive, the authorities might not approve this proposal. If you consider that this is feasible you might want to explain how are you planning to manage this issue.

If you do not know, you can have a look at our support map.
If a large car park is affected the authorities might deny the permit

Attention: Closing the access to a car park might have a negative impact on traffic. Is there a secondary entrance? Which other measures can be taken to address the issue?.

Using kerbside parking space is allowed, however with a permit from the URA.

You can ask the authorities

You can have a community based project, a business oriented one or a mixture of both

Outdoor refreshment areas allow you to offer drinks to the visitors


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