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How much do you know about what you can do in Singapore?

Streets & neighbourhood quiz

Are you a champion in your neighbourhood? Test your knowledge!


Here are the steps that you should follow!

  • Did you know that you can activate public spaces in Singapore? Read the basics about the activities that you can organize and how this can benefit your community.

  • What, where and when. Here is a tool that will help you to imagine your project. Answer the basic questions and get in touch with the authorities once your idea is ready.

  • How to reach other people in the area? We have a couple of ideas for you!

  • Let other people know about your event!

  • You will need a layout for the road closure, we also have a tool for this!

  • Use our template to generate signs for your road closure.

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Brought to you by

Juan Carlos Carvajal B.

Johannes Müller

This project was developed at the Future Cities Lab of the ETH Zürich in Singapore with the support of the Austrian Institute of technology and the Welt.Raum.Bauhaus programm.

It is part of a PhD project on New methods of citizen participation based on digital technologies.

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